Here is a collection of some of my math compositions. Some are quite old and poorly made (using Word 97 to make the web pages, blecch!). The articles with the little PDF logo next to them were typeset using LaTeX.

Master's Thesis Numerical simulation of calcium carbonate formation.
The Clock Problem A simple exercise in finding when the hands on a clock form a straight line.
The Vibrating String Equation Two methods for deriving the differential equation modeling the vibration of a string.
Trigonometric Identities A good study sheet and general reference.
A Second Order Implicit Method for Boundary Condition ODEs
A Closed Form for the Fibonacci Sequence
An Overview of Mathematics for the Layperson
Populations and Harvesting of Fish in a Closed Environment
Calculus of Variations, Surface Area Example
Deriving the Fourth-Order Approximation for f'
Probability and Linear Difference Equations
Probability and Density Functions, Continuous Example
Probability and Density Functions, Discrete Example