Below are some songs that I have recorder in my past. Most of these are really bad. I started out trying to play the electric bass. Then, I tried guitar, and keyboard, and singing, and should have stopped at the bass.

Great Highland Bagpipes

I used to be halfway decent at the Great Highland Bagpipes. I taught myself, and although I never knew all of the traditional grace notes, I still enjoyed it thoroughly. I occasionally get out my practice set and let 'er rip.

Traditional Tunes

Highland Cathedral

Amazing Grace

Auld Lang Syne (parlor pipes)

Auld Lang Syne

Christmas Tunes

O', Come All Ye Faithful

Here We Come a-Wassailing

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Jingle Bells

Joy to the World

Biscuits and Genocide

This was a song that my friend Ryan and I came up with late one night when we were teenagers. I ended up recording it in so many different versions, just because I could. The lyrics don't make any sense, that is the point!

Biscuits and Genocide, Acoustic

Biscuits and Genocide, Classical

Biscuits and Genocide, German


For a while, I had a twelve-string electric bass, and it had a very eerie sound to it. So, I tried recording a couple of songs from the game Doom II. Also, I wrote a MIDI music file to put into one of my Doom levels that I had created.

Shawn's Got the Shotgun

Into Sandy's City


Other Songs

These songs don't really belong to a grander theme, and they are mostly really stupid. Enjoy! :)

Die Leewärte Brise, parts 1, 2 and 3

Ihr Herz

We are Team Guru


I Keep On Running

Zultron and the Feathered Dragon

Where is Sonny Jim?