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324 2600 d 3 h colin /bowl/ Deleted the chess3 project, since it never went anywhere.  
219 2835 d 0 h colin /bowl/ Added a Geany project file.  
218 2835 d 0 h colin /bowl/ Updated the readme file.  
217 2835 d 1 h colin /bowl/ Removed a needless directory I added.  
216 2835 d 1 h colin /bowl/ Forgot the makefile.  
215 2835 d 1 h colin /bowl/ Moved some files around to be better organized.
Wrote a makefile for easy compilation and to be more UNIX-y.
Added headers for the source files to allow object file compilation.
212 2852 d 22 h colin /bowl/ Some changes to bowl for displaying text.
Removed some unneeded files.
Created a new tarball, which includes x86 build.
211 2856 d 4 h colin /bowl/ Fixes to the end-game UI.  
210 2857 d 0 h colin /bowl/ Added tarball for the bowl game.  
209 2857 d 1 h colin /bowl/ Added screenshot for bowling game.  
208 2857 d 2 h colin /bowl/ More improvements to the bowl game for scaling resolution.  
207 2857 d 13 h colin /bowl/ Changes to the bowl project to improve it's usability.
Added code to scale the X window for the app using -width and -height
command line arguements.
Started scaling details in the program.
206 2857 d 16 h colin /bowl/ Fixes to get bowl to work, and renaming some files to follow Unix conventions.  
205 2857 d 17 h colin /bowl/ Initial cleanup to the bowl project for compiling on FreeBSD.  
166 2891 d 2 h colin /bowl/  
106 3126 d 0 h colin /bowl/ Added the old bowling game.