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644 720 d 23 h colin /Knitting/ Completed LaTeX template.
Fixed error handling for pdflatex call.
643 721 d 0 h colin /Knitting/ Added better code to create a PDF file using LaTeX command line.
Added some error handling for the entire program.
640 738 d 3 h colin /Knitting/ Added new modules.  
639 739 d 4 h colin /Knitting/ Fixed some defaults.
Corrected description of neckline shaping value.
638 739 d 4 h colin /Knitting/ Made some of the measurements more intuitive, such as armpit depth instead of raglan ratio.
Added some comments to make values more clear.
Subtracted the sleeve width at the neckline from the armpit depth.
637 739 d 5 h colin /Knitting/ Added binary for dropped sweater program.  
636 739 d 5 h colin /Knitting/ Added project for dropped sleeve patter generator.  
635 746 d 4 h colin /Knitting/ Rename sweater generator program.  
634 746 d 5 h colin /Knitting/ Fixed a few bugs in instructions.
Added yardage estimate.
633 746 d 6 h colin /Knitting/ Added total stitch calculation.
Fixed incorrect instruction on what neckline needles to hold.
Added instruction for holding needles on the second neckline side.
632 746 d 7 h colin /Knitting/ Added neckline stitch count to turtleneck instructions to allow making sure there are enough needles on the
bed for the neckline.
631 748 d 4 h colin /Knitting/ Added neckline calculations using ratios.
Added additional tension instructions.
630 748 d 16 h colin /Knitting/ Added jQuery and some JS to change the unit text in the page.  
629 748 d 17 h colin /Knitting/ Fixed some unwanted limitations on inputs.  
628 748 d 17 h colin /Knitting/ Fixed bug in sleeve increases.  
627 748 d 17 h colin /Knitting/ Added configurable title.  
626 748 d 17 h colin /Knitting/ Added binary.  
625 748 d 18 h colin /Knitting/ Added calculations and instructions. Still need to make neckline calculations.  
624 749 d 0 h colin /Knitting/ Finished mapping all input fields.  
623 749 d 0 h colin /Knitting/ Added a project to design raglan sweaters.  

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