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688 26 d 5 h colin /Haskell/ Added python script to calculate galactic redshift.  
687 28 d 3 h colin /Haskell/ Added small webserver program to upload images and show random images.  
686 29 d 22 h colin /Haskell/ Added new engine to process commands.
Added self broadcast function.
Moved username creation to new module.
Added commands to change name, color.
Added commands to turn of Cleverbot or change his threshold.
685 30 d 2 h colin /Haskell/ Fixed possible issue with Cleverbot dying.
Fixed autoscrolling so it won't scroll unless the chat is at the bottom.
Added support to paste image and video data.
684 48 d 18 h colin /Haskell/ Added random name and color support.  
683 75 d 3 h colin /Haskell/ Fixed mime type detection in Chrome.  
682 75 d 4 h colin /Haskell/  
681 75 d 4 h colin /Haskell/ Added file length logging.  
680 75 d 4 h colin /Haskell/ Added threading for broadcast with some error handling.
Added support for drag and drop video files.
679 110 d 5 h colin /Haskell/ Added condition so cleverbot always replies to its name.  
678 110 d 5 h colin /Haskell/ Removed redundant tags and added a few more.  
677 110 d 6 h colin /Haskell/ Added buttons to insert HTML into text.  
676 110 d 23 h colin /Haskell/ Fixed some issues, made it actually send the text, kept the cleverbot state to pass to each request.  
675 110 d 23 h colin /Haskell/ Added Cleverbot integration.  
664 289 d 5 h colin /Haskell/ Removed webcam autostart.  
663 289 d 5 h colin /Haskell/ Added webcam control buttons.  
662 289 d 5 h colin /Haskell/ Improved chat link boxes.  
661 289 d 23 h colin /Haskell/ Added Youtube queue tab to share videos  
660 290 d 1 h colin /Haskell/ Added selfie tab to take a still from a webcam.  
659 290 d 2 h colin /Haskell/ Added radio tab to send audio clips using local microphone.  

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