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648 290 d 5 h colin /Haskell/ Added new param to remove data info  
647 637 d 6 h colin /Haskell/ Added command line param to load a model from a file.  
646 637 d 7 h colin /Haskell/ Many changes:

Added better command line options.
Fixed the acceleration application.
Added configurable timesteps that are not stuck to frame rate.
Added configurable gravitational constant.
Added support for several collision schemes.
645 653 d 14 h colin /Haskell/ Updated xmonad.hs to fix compile errors with newer API.  
642 728 d 9 h colin /Haskell/ Added error message for first connect failure.  
641 728 d 9 h colin /Haskell/ Updated to Emojione 4.0.  
622 767 d 14 h colin /Haskell/ Added a user agent header to get some sites to actually send proper HTML back.  
621 767 d 14 h colin /Haskell/ Added a check for a message the comes from the user to not do new message alerts.  
620 787 d 8 h colin /Haskell/ Swapped websocket connects.  
619 787 d 8 h colin /Haskell/ Moved function definition out of code.  
618 825 d 7 h colin /Haskell/ Added xmonad.hs.  
617 879 d 6 h colin /Haskell/ Removed hmatrix source.  
616 879 d 8 h colin /Haskell/ Fixed source code link in the about page.  
615 879 d 10 h colin /Haskell/ Updated the program to use newest versions of all dependencies.
Fixed a couple CSS issues.
Fixed an issue with the verification email being sent with the wrong from address.
Updated email authentication forms to use Yesod form generation functions.
614 955 d 13 h colin /Haskell/ Added error handling for the HTTP requests when parsing messages. If
a URL is found in a message but a request to that URL fails, fall back
to basic link parsing.
596 1078 d 4 h colin /Haskell/ Added fancier links to the chat program.  
595 1103 d 7 h colin /Haskell/ Removed unneeded error message.  
594 1103 d 7 h colin /Haskell/ Reorganized the page.
Fixed some scrolling issues when a message comes in.
Fixed the disconnect message.
593 1103 d 8 h colin /Haskell/ Fixed an issue with scrolling not going all the way to the bottom.  
592 1104 d 7 h colin /Haskell/ Added code to check a link if it goes to an image or video. If it does, inline it in the
Also changed the chat box to be user resizable.

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