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Posted Friday, March 20th 2015 in Programming - Permalink

I’ve written a little bit of code to take the focused window and set it to a floating window that takes up the entire screen. This would be much more handy than switching to the fullscreen layout if you want to, e.g., watch a video in a video player.

The following function takes a window and sets it to floating and full screen:

import XMonad
import qualified XMonad.StackSet as SS

fullScreenFloat :: X ()
fullScreenFloat = do
   withWindowSet (\stackset ->
      case SS.peek stackset of
         Just focused ->
            windows (SS.float focused (SS.RationalRect 0 0 1 1))
         Nothing -> return ())

You can add this new function to your existing keys as follows. This maps it to the f key.

import XMonad.Config.Desktop
import qualified Data.Map as M

myConfig = desktopConfig {
   keys =
      (keys desktopConfig)
      <+> (\layout -> M.fromList $ [((modMask layout, xK_f), fullScreenFloat)])

I’ve added this code to a package that can be downloaded through SVN:

% svn checkout svn:// ./XMonad
% cd ./XMonad && cabal install

This will allow you use the code by importing the following in your xmonad.hs file:

import XMonad.Keys.ExtraKeys

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