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I found the source code for a bowling game that I wrote back in high school recently. I wrote it in DOS using the DJGPP compiler with the Allegro game libraries. Yes, it is that old! Surprisingly, the Allegro libraries are still available, and the Allegro 4.4 libraries are backwards compatible all the way to Allegro 2.0, meaning that I can get my game to work again on a modern computer!

I updated the game code some to get it to work in an X11 window, and to also be scalable. The original game resolution was only 320×200, which would be a tiny window on a modern monitor. The game can now be scaled to any size window you need using new command-line arguments.

To get the game, use Subversion:

% svn checkout svn:// ./

You can get Allegro 4.4 here. Make sure to download the 4.4 sources. If you are using FreeBSD, there is an allegro package that you can install.

To compile the program, simply run the make command in the directory where you have placed the source.

The game has several command-line options that you can use:

  • -width
    Window width, in pixels.
  • -height
    Window height, in pixels.
  • -bumpers
    Puts up gutter-bumpers for the babies!
  • -nomusic
    Turns off all background music.
  • -nosound
    Turns off all sound effects.
  • -weirdpalette
    Sets the game to use a random color palette.
  • <file>.mid
    Allows you to choose your own music!

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