Using ImageMagick to make an animated gif

Posted Wednesday, December 7th 2011 in Other Tech - Permalink

If you have a set of still images that you would like to compile into an animated gif, Image Magick can do it quite easily.

The program that you want to use is convert. Specify the final size of the image by using the -size argument, with the dimensions. Set the delay between each frame by using the -delay argument. Add each frame by using the -page argument, along with the location to place the file, and the filename. Finally, add the output file name. For example,

convert -delay 30 -size 400x300 -page +0+0 gif1.jpg -page +0+0 gif2.jpg -page +0+0 gif3.jpg output.gif

This will create the animated gif file output.gid, with a delay of 30 milliseconds, and a final size of 400 by 300 pixels. Each file is placed in the top-left corner.

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