Connecting to a Cisco VPN from FreeBSD

Posted Tuesday, September 6th 2011 in FreeBSD - Permalink

It is quite easy to connect to a Cisco Pix VPN using a port in FreeBSD. First, we need to install the port vpnc,

# cd /usr/ports/security/vpnc
/usr/ports/security/vpnc # make install clean

Once the port is installed, you can connect using the vpnc command, and disconnect using the vpnc-disconnect command. You can connect using command-line options, but it is much easier to use a config file. Below is a template using a group authentication connection:

IPSec gateway <hostname/ip>
IPSec ID <group name>
IKE Authmode psk
IPSec secret <group pw>
Xauth username <username>
Xauth password <user pw>

Above fields contained within brackets must be filled in (without the brackets).

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