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The names of our cats have undergone quite an evolution

Let’s begin with Kaitlin.  Of course, we called her Katie for short.  After a while, Katie-dids became her name, after the moniker for the loud locust that lives in this area.  This got baby-fied into Didlins, and somehow turned into Squidlins.  So far, her handles are Didlin-Squidlins, McDids, or Squidliest-Dids.  Following Rick James, she also got her name from her theme song:

“Super fuzz, super fuzz, she’s super fuzzy.”

Next, we come to Domino.  We did not pick this name, but of course we emphasized it.  After playing Modern Warfare for a while, he got some international names.  His Russian name became Dominovsky.  Moving farther south, his Iraq name was Domonallah.  He has also been known by the name Pukey McFatface.

Finally, we move on to Miranda, who, by her demeanor, has the most varied of cat names.  First, her name was “cat-ized” into Spimanda, possibly from too many martinis.  Since she has such fuzzy legs, she has also been called Pantaloons or Spimanda-Pants.  Also stemming from her fuzzy legs, which may be perceived as thick, she calls to Drumsticks, Cat Cankles,  or Leggie-Weggie.

From another, possibly martini-driven evening, the name for a cat’s fat pocket on the back of their neck is a papple.  Then Miranda has been known as Papple and Pappleton.

We seek new names in the future, and of course will keep the public updated.

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