New laptop, trying out Xmonad.

Posted Friday, June 10th 2011 in Personal - Permalink

I just got a new laptop! I have really needed one at work.

It’s an Acer Aspire with an Intel i3, 4GB of RAM and 320GB HDD. It’s pretty nice. Great red colour.

I tried to install FreeBSD on it, but the current wireless card in it is not supported by any native drivers. I also tried ndis with a slew of Windows drivers, but to no avail. Broadcom, the chipset manufacturer, just released a completely open-source driver for Linux, but it is yet to be ported. So I’ve installed Xubuntu, wanting the lighter, faster desktop.

I also decided to try Xmonad, a tiling window manager. After just a few minutes of playing, it is SWEET. It will be really handy on the laptop, as the less I have to use the trackpad, the better.

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