Night under fire.

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Rachel and I recently went to the Night Under Fire at Summit Racing Motorsport Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

The show was pretty good.  They had 8 nitro funny cars, including Ashley Force-Hood, Tim Wilkerson, and both of the Pedregons.  There were also four turbine-powered dragsters, a school bus built to do wheel stands, and Bob Motz’s turbine-powered Freightliner.

To cap the night off, they had a fireworks show said to cost $100,000.

The evening was pretty good.  I have to say that the commentator, the owner of the track, Bill Bader, tried a little too hard to be entertaining.  The night as a whole was outstanding, however.

Rachel got her first taste (i.e., smell) of nitro.  I don’t think she really enjoyed it too much.  I made sure to go in and get the full experience when we heard those 8,000HP nitro funny cars test firing in the pits.  Once you smell nitro, you’ll never forget it.

I also got autographs on my favourite Goodyear racing tire shirt from John Force and Tim Wilkerson.

After the show, fans were allowed out on the track.  Now, I figured that the track would be sticky, especially with the traction compound that they apply to it every time the nitro cars are ready to run.  But the track was just beyond sticky!  People in flip-flops were in a little deeper than I think that they anticipated.  After feeling just how sticky it was, I am amazed how cars can burn out on it, even with a little help from the water trap.

The night was definitely fun.  I cannot wait for the Summit Racing Nationals next year, when they bring out all of the nitro cars again.  I might be camping out for that one!

A few pictures of the event can be found in the photo gallery linked to from my home page.

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